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When I was a mere lad, I spent many a night at the Cinema V.  Saw 3D movies when the glasses were cardboard and coloured celluloid, offbeat indy premieres like Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein, cartoon compendiums and lost classics like Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Ring” (I saw that in the somewhat secret upstairs screening room). It was a magical place, unlike any other movie house at the time, in a time when Montreal had its fair share of other movie houses!  I can still smell the popcorn from that old-school, bare-bulb-lit popper.

So, with today’s magna-plexes and in-home surround sound giant screens, it stands to reason that something like the Cinema V is unnecessary…mere nostalgia.

Au contraire.  It’s the alternative to old memories and today’s high tech—a vibrant neighbourhood focal point where people can come together for authentic experiences, be they cinematic, musical, theatrical or learning.

So, do what you can to bring the place back to life.  My kids, and grandkids eventually, can use something real and cool as a community destination.


Andy Nulman
Formerly Someone Powerful and Important 😉