Question mark heap on table concept for confusion,

Question mark heap on table concept for confusion,

Who is the organization?

The Foundation is made up of  nine enthusiastic volunteer board members and one dedicated Executive Director. We also have a dozen volunteers who participate on committees for fundraising, communication, real estate, cinema and finance.

What happened to Cinéma NDG?

Cinéma NDG started the project in 2012. In 2016 we formed a separate non-profit called Empress Theatre Foundation to manage the building, while the Cinéma NDG remains in charge of the programming aspect. This ensures that both aspects of the project are well looked after. Both non-profits work seamlessly together, leading different dossiers and committees to make this plan a reality.

Why have other organizations failed and what makes your plan different?

We can’t say why other efforts have failed, but we do know that our project is based on a solid sustainable business plan. We’ve secured contracts for the renovation work. We’ve built a strong governance structure and demonstrated our commitment and ability to oversee the project through construction and into self-sustaining operations.

What’s taking so long?

This is a multi-million dollar project led entirely by caring members of our community. Working with the City, architects, permits, funders, and volunteers all require patience, time and money to keep it alive.

How can the community help?

We need residents to tell our elected officials that this project matters. Write, email, post on social media, whatever it takes to tell the Mayor you care about this project and want our Foundation to continue the work it started.

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When we receive our charitable status in 2017, we will be asking the community for donations, and will be offering innovative ways to contribute to our project including Founding Membership, Community Bonds, Sponsorship and more.