The Project

An exciting and innovative hub of activity, the new Empress Theatre will offer an experience in step with the image, values and style of NDG, representative of our diverse and inclusive society.

Our vision

A gathering place, open and anchored in the reality of our city and neighbourhood, designed by us, for us. A space of culture, community, collaboration and exchange that propels positive social action.

Our mission

The Empress Theatre will be a cultural destination of mythic proportions. We intend on redeveloping this space for all Montrealers to enjoy, and by doing so will sustain the cultural, social and artistic development of NDG and the West End in particular.

Our values

Creativity and Innovation

The creative qualities of the Empress will manifest in many forms; the films presented, the theatres architecture, the activities it offers and events it will host.
The Empress aims to reinvent the socio-cultural experience of NDG by offering quality community-focused programming in a local landmark. Location and content will evolve to meet and exceed the needs and wants of the Empresscommunity.

Diversity and Dialogue


NDG and Montreals West End are an exceptionally diverse collection of communities, and our strength as a society lies in this. We are effortlessly bilingual, inherently multicultural and love the open exchange of culture that has become emblematic of our community. The Empress will reflect this fully and completely, open and accessible to one and all.

Collaboration and Community

The Empress Theatre will offer a space of congenial community engagement in tune with the atmosphere of NDG and Montreals West End. It will be a space of encounters, exchange and discovery.

Development on four fronts


  • Conservation of a building recognized by Heritage Montreal as a threatened local landmark 
  • Renovations to ensure access to all residents
  • Create a unique pole of attraction for the entire community to share


  • A new performance venue and cinema, responding to a local demand for greater access to culture in a neighbourhood lacking in such spaces
  • An innovative and wholly original offering completely distinct from the current commercial community of Sherbrooke Street West
  • Variable programming: the cinemas can screen opera, theatre, musicals and diverse recorded performances, in addition to providing a regular schedule of films.
  • The Empress Theatre will also strive to lead as a preferred venue for screening Canadian, Quebec and Montreal films in particular.
  • As such, it will also aim to partner with current and future film festivals


  • An open space to promote social and cultural engagement
  • A landmark in an ideal location in the middle of an ascendant community
  • Located on an important commercial thoroughfare, connected directly to multiple bus routes, within walking and biking distance of a major public transit hub and the homes of tens of thousands of NDG residents
  • A natural hub for collaboration with various community groups
  • Potential for additional collaboration with local educational services, such as CPEs, public and private schools and nearby post-secondary institutions


  • Creation of a viable, sustainable and profitable social enterprise
  • Direct economic stimulus for the commercial community of Sherbrooke Street West, which in turn may provide additional incentives for new business development
  • Direct creation of 20-25 jobs at the Empress Theatre as well as great potential for additional indirect job creation by virtue of enhanced economic stimulus