• Preservation and conservation of the form and function of a landmark recognized as a site of architectural heritage value by Heritage Montreal, the leading local authority on such matters. Without a timely rehabilitative initiative, this important buildings future is in doubt.
  • Renovate the building to ensure its accessibility to all citizens
  • Re-create a social space aiming to bring cultural communities, generations and the wide spectrum of social classes together


  • A new performance venue and cinema, responding to a local demand for greater access to culture in a neighbourhood lacking in such spaces
  • An innovative and wholly original offering completely distinct from the current commercial community of Sherbrooke Street West
  • Variable programming: the cinemas can screen opera, theatre, musicals and diverse recorded performances, in addition to providing a regular schedule of films
  • The Empress Theatre will also strive to lead as a preferred venue for screening Canadian, Quebec and Montreal films in particular
  • As such, it will also aim to partner with current and future film festivals


  • An open space to promote social and cultural engagement
  • A landmark in an ideal location in the middle of an ascendant community
  • Located on an important commercial thoroughfare, connected directly to multiple bus routes, within walking and biking distance of a major public transit hub and the homes of tens of thousands of NDG residents
  • A natural hub for collaboration with various community groups
  • Potential for additional collaboration with local educational services, such as CPEs, public and private schools and nearby post-secondary institutions


  • Creation of a viable, sustainable and profitable social enterprise
  • Direct economic stimulus for the commercial community of Sherbrooke Street West, which in turn may provide additional incentives for new business development
  • Direct creation of 25-30 jobs at the Empress Theatre as well as great potential for additional indirect job creation by virtue of enhanced economic stimulus