Following the recent tragic events of heritage buildings lost to fire in Montreal, we are very concerned about the fate of the Empress Theatre on Sherbrooke Street West which has been unoccupied for far too long. Abandoned historical buildings such as the Empress are often violated by unscrupulous squatters that cause irreparable damage, and we’ve had our fair share of threats already.

Our organization has developed a sustainable plan to revitalize the building that will benefit all local residents and neighbourhood merchants.

Though recently very close to our fundraising goal, we have not collected 100% of the funding that was required by the City in our original agreement (that expired June 30 2016), which according to experts, was not realistic. The City will not donate the building to the Empress Theatre Foundation until we have gathered enough financing to cover the majority of the work and we cannot begin the renovations until we are the true owners.


  • The building continues to decay day by day;
  • Costs associated with renovation and restoration increase as time passes;
  • Not enough of our elected officials consider the situation to be a priority.

Now more than ever, we need to address the borough’s elected representatives regarding their intentions about the future of the Empress Theatre. The Foundation would like to resume discussions surrounding a new agreement no later than February 2017 so that it may continue the progress it has made over that last two years and save the Empress from an unenviable fate.

If you want to protect the Empress, tell Mayor Copeman and his team that he has a responsibility to preserve our heritage buildings and that it cannot sit in ruins any longer.

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Citizens are also encouraged to visit the organization’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ) to help put pressure on elected officials by using the hashtag #ourNDGheritagematters